Vasyl Savchenko holds his grandfather by the shoulder in front of the large scale, detailed charcoal drawing of an anthropomorphic form hanging on the wall

Me and my grandfather Vasyl Rubish. Wroclaw, Poland, 2018

Was born in 1994 in Lviv, Ukraine. Based in Gdansk, Poland.
Ukrainian interdisciplinary artist working in a variety of visual media art and design.
I am interested in our identity in the context of the memory of the human body and the dreams of our spirit.
The body is the temple of God.
Mainly works with drawing using charcoal, paper and canvas.  

"Chaos around us creates chaos within ourselves."

Vasyl Sachenko inclined towards the floor drawing with charcoal in front of the large scale charcoal drawing of the anthropomorphic figure

Drawing process, “The Festival of Young Ukrainian Artists”, Mystetskiy Arsenal, Kyiv, Ukraine, 2017

In 2018 began a teaching career at the studio of Digital Printmaking in the Department of Graphic Arts at the Academy of Fine Art in Gdansk, Poland.

Researches the influence of modern technologies on art and its methodology, focusing on how analog graphic is developing in the post-digital phenomenon.

A black and white graphic print of a rhino with text in the right upper corner which says 2020-2021, Rhino, VS (Vasyl Savchenko)/AD (Albrecht Dürer)

"SVG Rhino", etching print, 30 × 30 cm, 2020 - 2021, from cycle "Generative Middle Age". (Fragment)

Co-founder of Savchenko Foundation, which runs the cultural institution Savchenko Gallery in Gdansk, Poland

Popup exhibition at Savchenko Gallery. Gdansk, Poland, 2021

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